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About the Company

Vitalsoft Inc. is a software development company, which is located in the Chicagoland area. We service clients in the United States and Canada. All of our software engineers have over thirty years of experience in computer design and technology.

Our specialty is custom programming for large and small companies. In addition, we have great experience with designing intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUI). We are able to achieve the programming goals of our clients through the use of a variety of languages and platforms.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality service at affordable prices. Vitalsoft Inc. is flexible in regards to programming changes. The corporation also has experience in creating new systems as well as working within established systems.

We have successfully converted a COBOL virtual storage access method(VSAM) main frame application to the Microsoft Server platform using Microsoft SQL Server. In order to reduce conversion costs we kept the COBOL middle tier programs and integrated them with a Visual Studio frontend and backend. The COBOL text reports were converted to the PDF format using GrapeCity Active Reports.

Some of our current customers include Starcom Mediavest Group and DEX Media, who have found our services to be of great value and benefit.

For any further inquiries, visit our contact page.